rescuers of jews

Doctor Jacob Abramovich was most grateful to all the members of the staff of “Lopšelis” for saving his daughter; in particular he remembers nurse Elena Uborevičienė with great respect:

In 1943, when I was in the Vilijampolė Ghetto, I discovered through a member of the underground organisation Ratner that “Lopšelis” foster home, managed by Dr. Baublys, was secretly admitting children from the ghetto. I managed to contact Dr. Baublys and nurse Elena Uborevičienė, and I asked them to take my daughter there. Though I had not known nurse Uborevičienė before, she seemed to me very sensitive and willing to help in a hopeless situation. My daughter was taken to the foster home and taken care of – together with the other children from the ghetto (around 20) – by nurse Uborevičienė who was risking her life by doing so...

From the “Lopšelis” foster home, Ariela Abramovich was given to the family of Juozapas and Julija Dautartas who were living in Šilelis village, Kaunas district. Father Jacob Abramovich used to visit his little daughter as often as he could. Ariela safely survived the war in the Dautartas family.