rescuers of jews

Pagojutė Domicėlė

On 4 January 2006 fourteen saviours of Reizl Shochot and her children Jehoshua and Chaim were acknowledged as the Righteous Among the Nations. Antanas BUDZINSKAS Benigna BUDZINSKIENĖ Benigna BUDZINSKAITĖ Stefanija BUDZINSKAITĖ Julijona PAGOJIENĖ Julius PAGOJUS Baltramiejus PAGOJUS Domicėlė PAGOJUTĖ Marcijona ŠAULIENĖ Napoleonas ŠAULYS Zofija ŠIAULIENĖ Julijonas ŠIAULYS Stanislava VAGNORIENĖ Povilas VAGNORIUS The above-mentioned saviours of the Shochot family are by far not all the saviours of this family. These are only the ones whom we managed to find and who were awarded. In reality there were many more saviours. Jehoshua Shochot counted that during the times of hiding he lived with 15 families. Chaim Shochot counted fewer and Reizl Shochot counted even 22 families that hid her.