rescuers of jews

Andriūnienė-Egan Stefanija

Stephanie Egan (Stefanija Andriūnienė) testifies:

Me, Stefanija Andriūnienė now Stephanie Egan, in 1942 supervised an orphanage in Kaunas and gave shelter and took care of a Jewish girl, who was left outside the door of the orphanage.
At that time the girl was 4 or 5 years old. Since 1944, when I left Lithuania, I knew nothing about this girl's life.
This year I returned to Lithuania, and began to search about " my " Jewish girl's destiny.
Thanks to the press at the beginning of December I got to know that a paralysed Jewish woman Janina Vitiene was hospitalized into the third hospital of Kaunas. On December 10, 1999 I went to the hospital, saw the patient and spoke with her, according to her possibilities. I recognized her and can testify, that Janina Vitiene is the same girl, whom I gave shelter an took care in 1942.

December 11, 1999 Stephanie Egan